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International Travelers

Short Stay

International Travelers

Short Stay

International Travelers

Next stop. Anguilla...

Next stop. Anguilla...

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Visitor should know

Applying to visit Anguilla

Visitors to Anguilla’s must apply for approval to travel to Anguilla. Applicants will receive an email notification that their application has been received and a visitor concierge agent will respond within 1to 2 business days.

ALL visitors will be required to stay in place for 10 -14 days at a Safe Environment Approved accommodation or private home. Approval for Home stay in place may be granted provided that the home conditions are consistent with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

Home Stay

This is where you are permitted on arrival to stay in place at a Safe Environment (SE) approved Private Home.

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Complete the online Travel Application Form here

Book accommodation in a Safe Environment Certified Accommodation, or

If you are planning to stay in a private home, you must submit your application for approval to Stay in Place at a private home. This process is handled by the Environmental Health Unit. The Unit can be contacted on telephone (264) 497-2631 or email

Take your COVID-19 PCR Test between 3-5 days before travel and submit results as instructed during the time of your application.

You must be in receipt of travel authorization from the Ministry of Health prior to booking your flight.

Travel with a hard or soft copy of your travel authorization.

Travel with a hard or soft copy of your COVID-19 PCR test results.

Confirm flight or boat arrangements to Anguilla. Please note that the Ferry Service between Marigot St Martin and Anguilla is suspended until further notice. Limited boat transfers are available to Anguilla via the Anguilla St Maarten Ferry Terminal. Please contact boat companies for details and to confirm a reservation.
NOTE: All pickups on arrival are to be done ONLY by Safe Environment (SE) Certified Ground Transportation Operators (taxi or chauffeur services).

Staying in Place and Entry Details for Transit Countries

Staying in Place

If you are subject to Stay in Place you MUST remain at the Stay in Place accommodation/private home for the duration of the 10-14 day stay in place period except in the event of:

  • Medical emergencies, or
  • Return Travel

Entry details for transit countries

Applicants MUST ensure that they have completed all necessary entry forms for transit countries. The links are as follows:

  • Applicants are advised to verify their specific travel itinerary for any Countries not listed above.
  • Applicants who will be on island beyond their 10-14 day Quarantine Period and who are transiting via St. Maarten for their return travel - will be required to complete another online EHAS (electronic health authorization system).

Guided Movement

This is a period in which protocols are used to guide and facilitate ALL movements of visitors in Anguilla. This applies to guest staying in a Safe Environment Certified property, with reservation/concierge staff/villa manager for less than 10-14 days.

  • Medical emergencies, or
  • Return Travel

Please note:

  • ONLY Safe Environment Certified establishments and Safe Environment Approved service/activities will serve visitors in the Guided Movement Period. ALL activities MUST operate through a booking/ reservations system.
  • Transfers, to and from activities are organised and coordinated by the service provider and host property reservation/ concierge/visitor attendant staff.
  • ALL transfers MUST be conducted via use of SE Certified ground transport operator.
  • ALL activities MUST adhere to COVID-19 Protocols, i.e. Social Distancing, Hand Hygiene etc.

  • Please contact the Accommodation’s Concierge or Agent to arrange ALL guided movement activities.

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